Professional Development

Eaton Arrowsmith staff regularly present to education professionals, communities, the public, organizations and parents about topics like neuroplasticity, learning disabilities, brain development, and more.

Sandra Heusel, EA's Admissions and Marketing Director, speaks about Eaton Arrowsmith School, learning disabilities and daring to dream at Leading Moms.

Choose from one of the following topics or ask us about a topic you’re interested in:

  • Neuroplasticity and Education: Strengthening the Connection
  • “Not Yet” –  Using a Growth Mindset to Turn a Challenge Into a Success
  • If I Only Had a Secretary: Life with Executive Functioning Weaknesses
  • Growing Healthy Brains with the Whole Child in Mind
  • Attachment and Brain Development
  • Exercise and Brain Growth – What is the Connection?
  • How Anxiety Affects our Brain’s Ability to Learn
  • So This is What it Feels Like to Have Learning Disabilities
  • Non Violent Communication: Managing Conflict and Fostering Empathy with the Brain in Mind

If you would like to schedule a presentation by one of our experts, please contact us.


Eaton Arrowsmith staff members have organized the Neuroplasticity and Education: Strengthening the Connection conference for the past three years.

The conference covers topics like diet and brain connection, brain plasticity in children with learning disabilities, reasoning and the brain, mindfulness training, and much more.

While we will not be hosting a conference in October 2016 in order to move on to other projects, you can watch presentations from past conferences here.

Your presentation dovetailed nicely with brain plasticity, and Barbara Arrowsmith Young’s techniques make her, I believe, the first brain plasticity brain trainer. The use of time clocks and its proportionality fit nicely with programs on Executive Function, which we are trying to use schoolwide. Time was removed from the K-3 level a number of years ago and placed in the Gr 4 curriculum. We old-timers never dropped it because time telling and time calculating are intuitively so important to children and an “ask” about what time it is or how long is it until are tremendous teachable moments. I believe it takes 4 years to teach standard time telling to students if you start in Kindergarten. My hope is that you will develop a set of exercises which you can have elementary teachers do every day with students to help them re-wire their brains and prevent some of the devolution we are seeing in the average classrooms. I believe your work is the future of mass education."  
Aaron Rahn, Harbour View Elementary School – Montessori Teacher
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June 12, 2018

We recently conducted a survey with Eaton Arrowsmith parents and discovered that 65 per cent of the time the decision to send a child to EA is made by both parents. Mothers are typically thought to be the decision-makers when it comes to their children. In fact, 84 per cent…  Read More »

May 7, 2018

Howard Eaton’s new book, The Brain Pioneer: The True Story of How Barbara Arrowsmith-Young Used Brain Science to Help Children With Learning Disabilities, can now be ordered on and Current Eaton Arrowsmith families will soon be able to purchase the book at a discounted rate from their schools….  Read More »