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Cognitive Programs for Adults with Learning Difficulties

Eaton Arrowsmith Adults offers programs for students over the age of 18.

EA Adults gives young adults with mild, moderate or severe learning difficulties or executive functioning challenges the chance at an independent future. Whether they are preparing for the GED, planning to finish high school through the Dogwood Diploma, transitioning from high school to post-secondary school, or preparing to enter the workforce, EA Adults can help.

The school’s mission is to support individuals in a compassionate learning environment as they change their cognitive functioning, which improves the quality of their lives, leads to greater ease and rate of learning and provides enhanced opportunities in higher education and employment.

EA Adults offers a safe and respectful learning environment that many students say has a family feel. For some, talking about their learning difficulties wasn’t something they were even willing to do before enrolling in the program. EA Adults uses the Arrowsmith Program and principles of neuroplasticity – the theory that the brain can be strengthened at any age through cognitive exercises. Each student’s time at EA Adults is structured according to his or her individual learning needs, but most students require a two to four-year program.

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I never used to understand life or what it meant, but since I have been doing this most amazing program, I love my life so much. This program is amazing – the way it changes your life and helps open your eyes to the important things. Now I can dream again and know that one of my many dreams will come true!
Arlo Rose, EA Adults student

Eaton Arrowsmith Adults Programs

Students enrolled in the Eaton Arrowsmith Adults full-time program work on up to six cognitive functions in 35-minute blocks each week. We offer flexible options in order to accommodate our students’ busy lives. Start dates are available throughout the year (space permitting).

* Interested in learning about our flexible part-time and summer options as well? Click here to find out about our part-time and summer programs.

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