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Cognitive Programs for Adults with Learning Difficulties

Eaton Arrowsmith also offers programs for students over the age of 18 through the Eaton Cognitive Improvement Centre, which has locations in Vancouver, BC and Redmond, WA.

ECIC gives young adults with mild, moderate or severe learning difficulties the chance at an independent future. Whether you are preparing for the GED, planning to finish high school through the Dogwood Diploma, transitioning from high school to post-secondary school, or preparing to enter the workforce, ECIC can help you.

ECIC’s mission is to support individuals in a compassionate learning environment as they change their cognitive functioning, which improves the quality of their lives, leads to greater ease and rate of learning and provides enhanced opportunities in higher education and employment.

ECIC offers a safe and respectful learning environment that many students say has a family feel. For some, talking about their learning difficulties wasn’t something they were even willing to do before enrolling in the program. Like Eaton Arrowsmith, ECIC uses the Arrowsmith Program and principles of neuroplasticity – the theory that the brain can be strengthened at any age through cognitive exercises. Each student’s time at ECIC is structured according to his or her individual learning needs, but most students require a two to four year program.


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I never used to understand life or what it meant, but since I have been doing this most amazing program, I love my life so much. This program is amazing – the way it changes your life and helps open your eyes to the important things. Now I can dream again and know that one of my many dreams will come true!
Arlo Rose, ECIC student

Eaton Cognitive Improvement Centre Programs

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Students enrolled in ECIC’s full-time program attend either a morning session or an afternoon session where they work on four (Redmond site) or six (Canadian sites) cognitive exercises in 35-minute blocks. The full-time program follows the traditional school year, beginning in September and ending in June.

Students in the part-time program come to the centre twice per week between October and May at the following times and locations:

Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • 1:00pm-3:00pm (Vancouver)
  • 4:00pm-6:00pm (Redmond)

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This program is for students who are fit for the Arrowsmith Program and have gone through the assessment process. Individuals who struggle to understand what they are reading, take longer to make connections between concepts, find problem solving and math challenging, are perplexed by jokes or sarcasm, think in a rigid fashion, and always feel a few steps behind in understanding situations, can benefit from this program.

Students spend a total of six weeks (9am-3:00pm Monday-Friday) targeting the symbol relations cognitive function.

This function is responsible for processing concepts, understanding and quickly grasping what we read and hear, gaining insight, logical reasoning, seeing connections between ideas, cause and effect processing, and mathematical reasoning.

Individuals at all levels of functioning in this area can benefit from the Summer Cognitive Intensive Program. Our experience has been that through targeting this cognitive function, we see positive changes in an individual’s ability to understand the world around them. Students who take this program can expect to make as much progress in six weeks as they would if enrolled in our part-time, after school program for one year.

The Summer Cognitive Intensive Program, while open to adults, is offered at Eaton Arrowsmith Vancouver and Redmond. Adult students will receive the program alongside our school aged students.

This program is for both current and new students enrolled full-time at ECIC. It offers students the opportunity to continue their cognitive work over the summer months or get ahead before September.

ECIC teachers will be in touch with enrolled students in May to determine exactly which exercises will be worked on during the Summer Cognitive Extension Program.

This program is open to adults, but adult students will receive the program alongside our school aged students.

Eaton Arrowsmith in Vancouver, White Rock and Redmond offer the Summer Cognitive Extension Program half days from July 3rd to August 10th, 2018.

July 3rd – July 20th, mornings
July 3rd – July 20th, afternoons
July 23rd – August 10th, mornings
July 23rd – August 10th, afternoons

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March 28, 2018

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