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At Magnussen, EA’s enriched program (only offered in Vancouver), we teach the regular BC curriculum to students from kindergarten through grade seven. Unlike mainstream elementary schools, which often have up to 30 students per class, this program keeps a 10/1 student/teacher ratio, which means children receive individualized instruction.

Magnussen was founded by Howard Eaton and Kristin Harbut with the vision of creating a school to educate and nurture each child as an individual. By fostering strong, attached student/teacher relationships and creating a community where social engagement is valued and encouraged, students  feel confident in their ability to explore the curriculum in ways that spark a love of learning. Attachment, in our minds, leads to excellence.

Magnussen School is for children who:

  • Thrive in an environment where they feel emotionally safe, attached and connected to their teachers
  • Feel passionate about their individual interests
  • Enjoy a school environment that fosters the freedom to learn in a self-directed manner
  • Benefit from a lot of movement throughout the day
  • Prefer individual sports and activities
  • Periodically display anxiety in academic or social environments
  • Embrace creativity
  • Like flexibility when it comes to task completion schedules
  • Enjoy science and technology

If your child is of average or above average intelligence, or is intellectually gifted, and has specific social-emotional sensitivities that don’t make public school an ideal learning environment, Magnussen might be the solution. Our educators teach to students’ strengths and support them as they overcome challenges.

Every day at Magnussen – rain or shine – starts with one hour of outdoor activities. Students then return to their homerooms for a snack and three 45-minute long core academic blocks, including math, language arts and science. Between 12pm and 1pm, students spend a half hour outside before having their lunches. In the afternoon, they break into groups that focus on social thinking, social studies and skills enhancement.

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Magnussen is a community where every child’s opinion matters; where idiosyncrasies are not just tolerated, but celebrated. The teachers bring humour, faith and enjoyment to the classroom. I can’t think of a better environment for a child who “marches to the beat of his own drummer".
Patti Drobot, Magnussen parent
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