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At home/online options available at Eaton Arrowsmith

Posted on April 9, 2020

Online/At Home Learning Opportunities

Available at Eaton Arrowsmith

Over the past few weeks learning at EA Vancouver, Redmond, White Rock and EA Adults has looked a little different! Due to the need for physical distancing, in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 and to keep our community safe, our students and staff have transitioned from learning and teaching in the classroom, to successfully and seamlessly navigating the world of online/at home learning. We are so proud of all of our students for their resilience, tenacity, open mindedness and positivity – and sense of fun – as we all embark on this new adventure!

We are now excited to announce that we are able to open up the following online/at home learning opportunities to new students, and to students who may have been with us in the past but who, due to distance or time restraints, may have had to leave sooner than they would have liked. 

Please read below for details of our online/at home programs, and never hesitate to reach out and learn more!

Full and Half Day Programs

Are you looking for a more structured day for your child during this time of physical distancing? A day where students can get to the root of their learning difficulties by strengthening their brains capacity for learning – all while interacting with their teachers and classmates throughout the day from the comfort of home? Our teachers will provide an individualized program for each child and will oversee its implementation via online face to face check ins throughout the day. Leave the teaching to us so that you can focus on the job you do so well – parenting!

If you’re an adult – we’ve got a program for you as well! Why not take this time to focus on you, so that you emerge from this period of time with stronger executive functioning capabilities, such as planning, problem solving and decision making, and the ability to understand information more quickly and deeply?

Cognitive Enhancement (Part Time) Program

Interested in a program that can fit alongside your child’s current school tasks, or your work? Or, have you finished enough puzzles, read enough books or completed enough Sudokus for the time being? Is it time to challenge your brain in a new way? The time commitment for our Cognitive Enhancement Program is just four hours a week. No commute required to attend this program at the end of a long day – all you need is a comfortable chair and a computer!

Online/at home programs will run from May until the end of August, with the ability to extend throughout the next school year as required. Current students are also able to extend their programs past the typical 2019-2020 end date to take advantage of this time at home!

Cognitive Intensive At Home Program

Eaton Arrowsmith Vancouver and Redmond will also be offering an Arrowsmith Cognitive Intensive At Home Program, starting in May for 8 weeks, and again in July for another 8 weeks. This program will be very similar in format to the in-person Summer Cognitive Intensive Program that we have held for the past few years at our schools, but will be offered online. Please note that if it appears safe to do so we will offer both our in school and the at home versions of this program. This program is appropriate for students aged 9 to adult who are keen to strengthen their reasoning, decision making, comprehension, speed of processing and executive functioning capabilities.  Due to the intensive nature of this particular program, students must be able to engage in learning independently, although they will receive instruction and guidance from their teachers each day.


Feedback From Our Families!

We have tremendous gratitude for the Arrowsmith Program staff and their tireless efforts to enable our students to access their programs at home, so that they can continue to strengthen their brains capacity for learning and reach their academic and social potential. Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received from our families regarding Eaton Arrowsmith’s transition to online/at home learning.

I wanted to write and let you know how much we appreciate all you have done to make this new learning environment enriching, fun and motivating for the students. Our son has really enjoyed the first week and is proud to be working so independently.

We also appreciate that you have made the day so structured and well organized. It allows us to attend to our work while knowing that he is in good hands.

The silver lining in this new reality we are all living is that our son is making huge strides in self-discipline, self-awareness, and self-confidence… and he appreciates not having to rush to the bus in the morning. 😉

He does miss seeing you all very much.

A big thank you from our family!

– Astrid and Andrew

I just have to say this again, Ms. C, our daughter’s teacher, is rocking this virtual school thing. Honestly she is just on it!  I have gotten so much done the last two days.

– Barb

Finally, here is a video clip from one of our EA Adults students, Alice, who is not only learning at home herself, but alongside her two sons who attend EA Vancouver! This time in our lives may not be as we planned, but there are definitely some benefits to be found from learning online/at home!

Next Steps

If you are curious about learning more about our online/at home programs, and would like to explore enrollment possibilities for a start with us as early as May, or in September, we’re here for you. We will continue to offer our online/at home programs as long as is deemed necessary. It may be some time before we are all able to return to physical classrooms, and we’ve planned for that.  Always remember, we’re in this together!

Feel free to contact us at or by phone at 604-264-8327 (EA Vancouver, White Rock, EA Adults) or 425-861-8327 (EA Redmond) to learn more!


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