Admissions Process

We are now accepting applications for the 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 school years. Interested students are strongly encouraged to apply by November for enrolment in the following year. However, we do accept new students throughout the year if we have space.

If you think you or your child might have a learning difficulty, and are interested in Eaton Arrowsmith, Eaton Cognitive Improvement Centre or the Magnussen Arrowsmith Program, please take the online Arrowsmith Program Questionnaire from home: This questionnaire will give you a good idea of the cognitive exercises you/your child will work on at our schools/centres. If, after taking the questionnaire, you are interested in contacting us, please complete our Eaton Arrowsmith application form and send it to us at

If you think your child might thrive at an enriched, smaller school with the opportunity for individualized learning based on his or her interests and talents, contact us for more information about Magnussen School. You are also welcome to send us the completed Magnussen application form so that we have more information prior to our meeting with you.

While each student’s path to Eaton Arrowsmith is unique, the admissions process involves the following steps (click on steps below):

1. Learn about EA and the Arrowsmith Program


2. Contact EA
  • Contact the EA Admissions Coordinator, at: 604-264-8327 (Canadian School/Centre Inquiries) or 425-861-8327 (US School/Center Inquiries) or email We would be happy to answer all of your initial questions!
3. Send Documents
  • This includes report cards, psych-eds, IEPs, etc.
  • Formal documentation of a learning disability is not required for enrollment at EA or ECIC. However, the above documents help the school gain an understanding of the student’s learning profile.
4. Assessment of Fit
  • Meeting with an EA admissions specialist to review the student’s learning profile.
  • We will determine if the program is a good fit and, at this time, may offer the student a space in the program for the current or upcoming school year (depending on space).
  • Further information may be required before a space is offered.
5. Classroom Visit
  • We encourage potential and new students to visit the classroom.
  • The visit may be part of the admission process if there are concerns about a student’s ability to engage in the program or simply be a way for the student to get to know some of the teachers and other students before he or she starts.
6. Deposit/Payments
  • Enrollment documents and initial payments are required to secure a space at EA.
  • Tuition payments begin in February for the following academic year (e.g. payments began in February 2015 for the September 2015-June 2016 school year).
  • If a student intends to enroll in an upcoming school year before payments begin in February, we will ask for a deposit of $500 to confirm intent to enroll.
7. First Day/Arrowsmith Programming Assessment
  • Students can join EA at any time in the academic year (depending on space). Each student’s program is unique, so no catch-up is required.
  • The Arrowsmith Programming Assessment is administered only after a student is enrolled at EA, ECIC or in the Magnussen Arrowsmith Program and will determine which exercises and levels a student will work on first.

Ready to start the admissions process?

Please contact our Admissions Coordinator, at or 604-264-8327 (Canadian School/Centre Inquiries) or 425-861-8327 (US School/Center Inquiries).


Admission Requirements:

Please note that all prospective students must undergo the assessment of fit before enrolling at Eaton Arrowsmith. This assessment of fit consists of an admissions meeting with our admissions specialist, during which time the student’s cognitive profile, current level of abilities (including English language proficiency) and ability to engage in the program are assessed. The assessment of fit may also include a visit to the classroom, during which time the student’s ability to engage is observed.

Do you think Eaton Arrowsmith is right for your child?
Learn about our admission process
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